PVI Day of Giving

We were happy to continue our work with Paul VI High school with a fun video to get the community excited about the school, and thank those who have continually shown their support for the past 40 years.

Mason at Fifty

On its 50th anniversary, George Mason University looked to the future while celebrating and reflecting on its past. As part of their “Mason at Fifty” celebration, we worked with the university to create a video that showcased the achievements and impact of their student body on their community and around the world.

EHS Courage Campaign

Episcopal High School started the Courage campaign to take on a series of new initiatives to inspire the next generation of leaders and changemakers. They offer the community and education needed to prepare their students to make a real difference in the world. We were excited to make the video content for the most ambitious campaign in the school’s history and put a spotlight on how the Episcopal community continues to flourish and grow well after graduation. 

Salute Military Golf Association

SMGA has proven that golf is more than just a game. Since 2006, Jim Estes has been providing rehabilitative golf experiences for veterans and their families. We were honored to speak with veterans for this recent video campaign, and hear their stories of how this sport has fostered healing and joy both on and off the green.

Beyond Resilience

Described as a true visionary and the embodiment of resilience, Sister Carol has been the bedrock of Chestnut College for the past thirty years. Her one wish upon retirement was to create a campaign to shape the future of the college. We aided Sister Carol in her dream with a four-part video series that shared her incredible story. It was a treat to interview Sister Carol and her community to see how one woman’s passion and selflessness created such a legacy. 

Farewell to Ginny

When Ginny Colwell announced her retirement from Paul VI High School, the school knew a big celebration was in order to congratulate her on three amazing decades of work. We gathered all the memories, funny stories, and heartfelt words from her colleagues, friends, and family to create a film that captures the legacy and the heart of a woman who is so influential and special to her community.

Engineering Tomorrow

Engineers are to thank for almost every aspect of our lives from our transportation to our toothpaste. Engineering Tomorrow is an incredible free program created and delivered by real-world engineers to inspire high school students to pursue an engineering career. We worked with the Engineering Tomorrow team for this short video to introduce the program, dispel some common engineering myths, and prove that anyone has the power to become an engineer!